Credible Imagination + Blog Birthday!

Photo from Elijah O'Donnel for Pexels Credible Imagination Figments of my imagination and daydreams seep into my conscious memories through the thin cracks of long years of mugged up education that I haven't been able to repair.They blur the chronology and timelines I cannot see.Fantastical events with no tether to the tangible mundane life sieve … Continue reading Credible Imagination + Blog Birthday!


  Genderbended   Right fingers encircling left wristFeeling the pulse to confirm he existsHe rubs himself clean of the gasoline. "It smells," he reasons. Thin red lines on sclera tamper his vision, He stares at them and rolls in indecision. "It hurts," he observes. He hums the songs he didn't hear,Stares at the terrace edge … Continue reading Genderbended

SHE- The Enigmatic Soul

Here’s an enigmatic and soulful piece pinned my dear talented friend Riddhima. She is so warm and compassionate to write this piece after being inspired by me and Enigma and to dedicate this to us.
Ah I am still so happy and grateful. (◍•ᴗ•◍)
Make sure you check out her amazing blog.
Her words are as beautiful and capturing as her bright personality!
Thank you Riddhima!
-Megha =) 💜



Made of stardust and sunshine, she is the child of the moon.

Her smile is beautiful and endearing like the warm autumn afternoon.

Scented with petrichor, her soul has grown in the sun-kissed gardens where flowers bloom.

She weaves her dreams with hope, love and life; like the dreamcatcher that hangs in her room.

The songs of her heart, she sings to the quiet starlit night.

She is consumed by peace as her eyes are gently kissed by the moonlight.

While she sleeps under the blanket of stars, the sky hides all her secrets in unknown galaxies.

The elysian night envelops her, while the moon reads to her the letters sent to him by his favourite pixies.

She dances in the rain as the green starts to glitter.

On the melodies that the heavens hum especially for her.

She walks barefoot on the grass as euphoria flows in her veins.

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