Credible Imagination + Blog Birthday!

Photo from Elijah O'Donnel for Pexels Credible Imagination Figments of my imagination and daydreams seep into my conscious memories through the thin cracks of long years of mugged up education that I haven't been able to repair.They blur the chronology and timelines I cannot see.Fantastical events with no tether to the tangible mundane life sieve … Continue reading Credible Imagination + Blog Birthday!


  Genderbended   Right fingers encircling left wristFeeling the pulse to confirm he existsHe rubs himself clean of the gasoline. "It smells," he reasons. Thin red lines on sclera tamper his vision, He stares at them and rolls in indecision. "It hurts," he observes. He hums the songs he didn't hear,Stares at the terrace edge … Continue reading Genderbended