Real Neat Blogger Award

A huge thanks to Rhed who's been so sweet as to nominate me yet again. Thank you so much Rhed, this is wonderful and I look forward to answering your questions 🙂 Here are the Rules :- 1. Display the award logo. 2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their... Continue Reading →


Just a Touch of You

Just a touch of imperfection, Of all the flaws and mistakes. I saw you through my heart and I knew, Nothing about you was fake. Just a touch of fury, A feisty little spitfire. Caught in the midst of cheaters, You didn't want to be a liar. Just a touch of fresh air, Skin tanned... Continue Reading →

Pernicious People

People are not toxic,But their thoughts are.They'll willingly heal your wounds,Then leave behind scars.People are not toxic,But their words can be.They'll lock you up in a place so rough,Then readily say, "You're free!"People are not toxic,But their fakeness is contagious.They'll yell at you to be real,Then say, "There's only 'me' & no 'us'."People are not... Continue Reading →

Until Midnight

You won't believe me If I'd tell you, If I tell you about what I saw. Oh it was outworldly and surreal, Defying all known physical laws. Sitting on my roof last night, I watched the creatures fly. But I didn't dare reach out for them, Oh not until midnight. For true magic is not... Continue Reading →

Our Dying Duet

To my dear best friend I dedicate this duet. A duet that I will sing alone for the first time. This duet that narrates our journey up and down the scale, To find symphonies in words that don't even rhyme. From the start let us begin, When I had first heard you play the violin.... Continue Reading →

Like a Phoenix I have Risen

I've had enough Now it's time for some fun. Oh no, did you hear that? Well, then you better run. I'll let the thunder roar and lightning strike. Because I'm not going home tonight. And I will unabashedly cheat, Because there's no way I'll give in to defeat. I was the one surrounded by bullet... Continue Reading →

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