Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time Once upon a time, in a land away so far. A monster under the bed, A crazy woman who believed she's dead. A dark angel who wasn't pure, And a diseased man looking for a cure, Met and chatted at a bar. The next time they met, The monster had heard... Continue Reading →

What Words Can Do – #24

"It's alright even if you don't have a dream. It's possible not to have one. Just be happy." ~Min Yoongi, Suga from BTS  ~ This quote happens to be a great addition to the message I wanted to convey in the first poem I posted this year, "Would you dare to agree with me?" .... Continue Reading →


Binary Paradoxes exist between 0 and 1 . They were or weren't. They are or aren't. They will be or won't b- But is that really true? Between 0 and 1, aren't there infinite numbers too? I see a society that believes itself to be binary. Pairs that compliment or contrast : Entrances and Exits,... Continue Reading →

He Who Writes

He Who Writes He lays, Between the Roman script and Hangul, Amidst the Greek and Latin, Clad in distinctive sign-language and braille. Words, words and words. Myriad of words he sees, And often in ephemeral moments he believes, They become an author's reality. At the eye of the profusion of communication, Pressured under deadlines and... Continue Reading →

Let Me Heal

Let Me Heal Withered flowers on his crowned head. A blackened leafy dress on his bodice. Thorns of growing greed around his limbs Gracefully gliding along his skin. In human form he stood, Feminine features on a masculine frame. An embodiment of nature, Blending all human stigmas, genders and race. Slender fingers gliding along a... Continue Reading →

Cryptic Poetry

Cryptic Poetry Cryptic poetry, Words, verses and stanzas of ill health. Diseased relations of tarnished bonds. Gilded cage : Steep stairs leading to faulty four walls, Compressing slowly under a cemented ceiling. It's a gilded cage. More than a decade of recycled retorts, Of icy insults, Of unanswered prayers, Of toxic tempers, And once taut... Continue Reading →

Skin & Bones

Skin & Bones Skin and bones I am. Pieces in pieces, undead under pretence. Seeking felicity in stolen moments and my faltering steps, Jaded, dull and hollow I've become on heavenly behest. Skin and bones I wasn't. Skin and bones I've become. To this hidden routine ache I might soon succumb. Until and if that... Continue Reading →

SHE- The Enigmatic Soul

Here’s an enigmatic and soulful piece pinned my dear talented friend Riddhima. She is so warm and compassionate to write this piece after being inspired by me and Enigma and to dedicate this to us.
Ah I am still so happy and grateful. (◍•ᴗ•◍)
Make sure you check out her amazing blog.
Her words are as beautiful and capturing as her bright personality!
Thank you Riddhima!
-Megha =) 💜



Made of stardust and sunshine, she is the child of the moon.

Her smile is beautiful and endearing like the warm autumn afternoon.

Scented with petrichor, her soul has grown in the sun-kissed gardens where flowers bloom.

She weaves her dreams with hope, love and life; like the dreamcatcher that hangs in her room.

The songs of her heart, she sings to the quiet starlit night.

She is consumed by peace as her eyes are gently kissed by the moonlight.

While she sleeps under the blanket of stars, the sky hides all her secrets in unknown galaxies.

The elysian night envelops her, while the moon reads to her the letters sent to him by his favourite pixies.

She dances in the rain as the green starts to glitter.

On the melodies that the heavens hum especially for her.

She walks barefoot on the grass as euphoria flows in her veins.

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Liminal In the liminal state of mind I often find myself in, I see doors of ebony, mahogany and teak. Gliding towards them on a sheet of incandescent affirmations, I hesitate before knocking : elm, ash, oak or beech? Eventually, I knock on the pine. Soft under my calloused knuckles. And I hear it, that... Continue Reading →


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