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Hello! I’m Megha and thank you for takingĀ  the time to see the stuff I write.

My blog is about my compositions, which include poems, essays, paragraphs and other forms of writings through which I want to express my thoughts. Writing has always been my favourite means of mass expression and through this blog, I’m putting it out here for others to read what I write to receive feedback and to learn how someone else might perceive my words, because I find it beautiful how a piece of writing can mean different things to different people. Right here I have the opportunity to interact with and read works from so many of wonderful writers.

If I were to write anything about me, the only thing that stands out wood bee that I love puns and thrillers, crime mysteries and suspense in any form. (Yes, that ‘wood’ and ‘bee’ are very purposefully put there).

Thank you for reading. =)

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