What Words Can Do – #14

"I will not be another flower, picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find, and impossible to forget." ~Erin Van Vuren Happy Blogging! -Megha Bhartiya 💜 Follow me on pinterest - InkSoakedSoul :)

What Words Can Do – #13

"Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best." ~Anonymous Happy Blogging! -Megha Bhartiya 💜

What Words Can Do – #6

"There will come a day I know it, when you'll love yourself as I love you, and you won't view your scars as ugly, but a tally of times you made it through." ~Erin Hanson Happy Blogging! -Megha Bhartiya💜


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