Let Me Heal

Let Me Heal Withered flowers on his crowned head. A blackened leafy dress on his bodice. Thorns of growing greed around his limbs Gracefully gliding along his skin. In human form he stood, Feminine features on a masculine frame. An embodiment of nature, Blending all human stigmas, genders and race. Slender fingers gliding along a... Continue Reading →

Cryptic Poetry

Cryptic Poetry Cryptic poetry, Words, verses and stanzas of ill health. Diseased relations of tarnished bonds. Gilded cage : Steep stairs leading to faulty four walls, Compressing slowly under a cemented ceiling. It's a gilded cage. More than a decade of recycled retorts, Of icy insults, Of unanswered prayers, Of toxic tempers, And once taut... Continue Reading →

Skin & Bones

Skin & Bones Skin and bones I am. Pieces in pieces, undead under pretence. Seeking felicity in stolen moments and my faltering steps, Jaded, dull and hollow I've become on heavenly behest. Skin and bones I wasn't. Skin and bones I've become. To this hidden routine ache I might soon succumb. Until and if that... Continue Reading →


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