I Am

~Dedication :

I would like to start this blog post with some dedications. I’m dedicating this piece that I have penned to everyone who’s reading it right now and to everyone who has answered my question when I’ve asked them,

“What makes you… ‘you’ ?”

This poem is not just mine, but ours, including yours. It is of everyone whose answers I’ve put in and everyone whose answers I couldn’t.

A very big and special thanks to the following blogger friends of mine :

1. Shruti Ohri from

Just Scribbled Thoughts

2. Riddhima Penner from

A Fantastic World of Poetry

3. Winnie from


4. Isabella Suarez from

Belle’s Nook

These friends of mine have answered my question and I’ve included their wonderful answers. They’re all really talented so make sure you check out their blogs! =)

Apart from these lovely people, the answers of many other friends’ of mine are included, so a huge shout-out and big thanks to them too! :)

~Prologue (Kinda):

It has been long. So awfully long that I don’t know how to apologize, but here it is ;

I’m sO SORRY FOR VANISHING FROM THE FACE OF EARTH. I was stuck in between school work and personal problems, so I had no time to update. :’)

But even then, bit by bit, piece by piece, I was working on one piece and it’s finally complete! Yay! =)

Unlike my last piece, Nimbostratus |12 metres & 17 metres per second, this piece wasn’t spontaneous and I definitely didn’t write it in one go. While Nimbostratus |12 metres & 17 metres per second was a personal piece, this one isn’t just for me.

( ꈍᴗꈍ)

I’ve been thinking about who I am lately, and in the quest to find the answer to this question, I ended up writing ; I am.

I have written this through my happy times and through my sorrows, through pain and through ease, through confusion and through loneliness. Writing this has been a journey in itself and I enjoyed it thouroughly.

ᕙ( ͡◉ ͜ ʖ ͡◉)ᕗ

But when I stared at the completed draft and proofread it one last time, it suddenly felt… empty. Something about it struck to me as tasteless and bland, my answer felt incomplete, and I realized then that my answer couldn’t just be my own.

I asked my closest friends and family members, “What makes you… you?” and incorporated their answers in the purest way I could to summarize my poem, and only then did my piece felt complete, because I realized that I wasn’t just myself afterall.


I Am” talks about the beautiful complexity of human nature and the sheer vividness of how we are all different and unique. How we can never truly be summed up in any language of any sorts.

Okie, enough prologue to my poem I guess, please read, enjoy and tell me what you think! Also, tell me ;

“What makes you… you?”


I Am

I am not where I live.
I am not what I see.
I am what I believe in,
I am what I want to be.
I am not just the me that I hide,
But also the me that you see.
No, just because I present myself in a certain way,
Doesn’t mean it’s not a part of me.
Yes I sin, because I breathe.
Yes I deceive, because I breathe.
Yes, I make mistakes and yes, at times I’m fake.
Yes, I lose and I win, I bleed out and then begin.
I am the blood in my veins, not just my blood-type.
I’m the thoughts in my brain, not just my birthrights.
I’m all the past that I have and the future that I hope to.
I am all my happiness and pain.

My existence can’t be summed up,
By a few digits on the sheet.
Neither my grades, my marks and my ranks,
Nor my designation, my salary and my degrees completely define me.
There is more to me, than the numbers you see.
More to me than the alphabets that name me.
More to me than just my weakness and strength.
More to me than all that I pretend.
I’m the smile lines beneath my eyes,
And the silently speaking scars on my shins.
I’m the half-moons on my nails, the freckles on my collarbone.
I’m all the personas I am with you and all the naked tears when I’m alone.
I’m all the skin shades except the one your judging eyes perceive me to be.
Yes, my melanin gradients are a part of me, but not the way you perceive.

I’m no caste, religion or race.
I am not just my features or my face.
I’m no colour, ethnicity or language.
I am not the sole representative of my generation,
Neither of my sex, my class or age.
I am not just the music that I hear,
But the lyrics that speak to me.
I am not just the scenery that I paint,
But the colour pallete that I use,
Not just the finished canvas,
But also the inspiration and my tools.
I am not just the melodies I hum,
But the songs that I sing in my sleep.
I am not just my dreams,
But my nightmares too.
I’m not just the confidence and self-esteem you see,
But also my fears, my traumas and my anxiety.

I am, often in indescribable pain,
Hiding behind crooked smiles and anonymous names.
I am all that hurts me,
As well as all the medicine that I need.
I am what I pay attention to,
I am what I observe, what I notice.
I am only my own words,
Not yours, neither hers nor his.
I am the innocent kid that I was,
The intelligent youth that I am,
And the independent adult that I’ll be.
I am all the potential to bring change,
And all the wars I’ve seen.
I’m vivid, vulnerable and varied,
Often elementary, empty and at ease.
I am not bound to definite cosmic dimensions,
Neither are my thoughts rigid and rough.
I am the cause and the consequence.
My reality is not achiral but amorphous.

I am my compassion,
And my inability to lie.
I am my reserved demeanour and,
My ability to connect with people even though I’m shy.
I have valour and ambition,
I have dimensions and dynamics.
My thinking has no fixed boundaries
And I see the world differently,
I believe,
That is what makes me unique.
I go out of my way
To achieve something better everyday.
I don’t settle for less,
But aim to achieve big.
Creativity is my weapon, for I am an artist.
Yet, sometimes I’m simple,
Purely caring and emotional.
I am my honesty and my determination.
My hard work and my kiddish nature.
I am a perpetual dreamer,
lost in my own fantasies.
I am my thoughts and my ability to use words to express,
My independent nature and to live in the present and enjoy myself.
I strive to know everything around me,
Constantly trying to understand the people that surround me.
I am my memories and my consciousness.
I am an imperfect fairytale and an aesthetic mess.
I’m not the same person as I was before,
I’ve found answers I was looking for.
In these answers I’ve found myself,
Penning down my thoughts fulfills me.
I’m now in touch with my inner self,
Owing to the art of writing.
My outlook on life is different,
In every possible way I want it to be.
I love goofing around and living life ; vivid and sound.
At times I’m called crazy.
My optimistim gets me through,
All the happiness and gloom.
Often I realize, I don’t know me the way I want.
Every minute every moment, I’m learning new things,
About me and myself,
About the people I’ve loved and left.

Because I am the people that surround me,
And the ones that I support.
I am my history, my memories,
My dreams and my growth.
I am the ones that love me,
And the ones that I love.
I am a blend of the things I am to you,
And the things I am to me.
A complex concoction of my consciences,
Undecipherable and ever-changing.
I am too much to put in words,
Or to express in emotions.
And each morning
As the bright rays scatter across my face,
As I bask in the warmth of life,
Waiting for the day ahead and embrace,
I realize ;

I am not just a me,
I am a we.

-Megha Bhartiya, InkSoakedSoul 💜

©️Megha Bhartiya, Inksoakedsoul.wordpress.com

~Epilogue ( Lol )

Firstly, for those who took the time to actually read it all… THANK YOU SO MUCH!

(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

Soooo…. How was it? Did you like it? Could you relate? And to my friends, could you identify your answers? =)

Tell me your thoughts below. I’d love to hear your interpretation and your views of it!

Keep smiling, stay healthy and happy!

Happy Blogging everyone! =)

-Megha 💜

PS. Photo Credits to me! Hehe. ~

16 thoughts on “I Am

  1. This is beautifully crafted.♥
    You’ve brought together all corners of every personality and just merged them together, like a heavenly choir resonating in the world. This is art at its finest. Lovely work! Absolutely spellbinding!
    – Juhi

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Simply beautiful. It’s just the way you’ve written this, in a simple but a complicated way. It’s not an easy task to describe yourself, it takes time and experience to figure out what we are, what we can do, and what exactly are we looking for. So, congratulations and best of luck for your future work.😉🙃
      -G(i know you’ll do WONDERS)


    2. Simply beautiful. It’s just the way you’ve written this, in a simple but a complicated way. It’s not an easy task to describe yourself, it takes time and experience to figure out what we are, what we can do, and what exactly are we looking for. So, congratulations and best of luck for your future work.😉🙃
      -G(i know you’ll do WONDERS)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OMG Thank you so much Aisha! ( hehehehe).😏❤️
        I completely agree, it takes so much time to figure one’s ownself, let alone to describe it to others.
        Thank you so much for such a sweet comment meri jewellery ☺️💜


    1. Simply beautiful. It’s just the way you’ve written this, in a simple but a complicated way. It’s not an easy task to describe yourself, it takes time and experience to figure out what we are, what we can do, and what exactly are we looking for. So, congratulations and best of luck for your future work.😉🙃
      -G(i know you’ll do WONDERS)


  2. MEGHHAAAA!! ❤❤❤
    And not just back, you’re back with a bang!🎊😄✌🎊
    Darling, let me just tell you, THIS IS SOOO BEAUTIFUL!❤
    You know, your readers will actually get to know why it took you so long after they read this!😊
    It’s not just the 935 words you’ve weaved together, it’s the tens of thousands of beautiful things this piece reminds us of : the forgotten memories that lie in a dusty box on the shelf of our rooms, the scars whose beauty we fail to see, the beautiful soul that brims euphorically on hearing its name, the songs that give us peace, those painful nights when our tears didn’t stop , days which taught us lessons for life, those dreams which make us who we are, those kind of loved ones that Google can’t describe, and the amazing self that we often underestimate! 😊
    This poem brings back our lost selves! What more could one ask of you!😊
    This poem is beyond our capacities to appreciate.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHHH
      Thank you so much Riddhima! 😭😭😭💜💜💜💜
      Your comment just made my day omg. I’m so happy you enjoyed it.
      Your appreciation and feedback is always on of the best and most heartwarming ones!
      Thank you so so much for your absolutely beautiful words!
      Lots of love to you too! 😊💜

      Liked by 1 person

    I have no idea where to begin. Firstly, you must be applauded for this very very creative idea and concept for a post. Not only was it a way out from some sort of an existential crisis, perhaps? But it was SUCH a brilliant initiative to include so many views in one single piece of art.
    The way you’ve compiled everyone’s answers, is absolutely terrific. Everyones answers already seem to narrate a story, and when you compile them all together, it’s a complete set of beautiful collections!

    An absolutely wonderful pieces on an even brilliant concept! Definitely made the wait for your new post, worth it! :P
    Keep writing and smiling, you inksoaked soul.💙

    PS: I saw my answerrr yayyy!🖤

    Liked by 1 person

      Why am I seeing this just rn? 🤦🏻‍♀️
      Hehehehe I’m glad you liked my idea and my piece! Thank you so so much Sec Lit! 😭💜💜💜

      Hehe, you’ve found your answer I see. 😊💜

      Liked by 1 person

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