I’m Sad

I’m Sad

I’m sad.
No, not depressed.
No, not moody.
Just sad.

As shallow and as deep as that.
As casual and as frequent as that.
As painful and as lovely as that.
As dangerous and as calming as that.

I’m sad, not more and not less.
I’m sad, not was and not will be ; I am.
I’m sad and as real as that.

-Megha Bhartiya, InkSoakedSoul πŸ’œ
Β©Megha Bhartiya, inksoakedsoul.wordpress.com

Lately, I’ve realized that we have a tendency to forget that we can get sad and just plain and simple happy too. They’re not extremes, but they do exist.
We’re allowed to be upset, to feel down and sad too.

One isn’t always either ecstatic or depressed. There are these faded feelings in between the extremes, the euphoria, the joy, the contentment and the calm. There’s the indifference and the discomfort, the sadness and the hurt. The pain and the agony.

These are feelings that demand to be felt and to be expressed the way they are, exaggeration is an injustice to the essence they hold.
And in the truest sense, their temporary existence is what is to be felt, cherished and struggled through.
They’re temporary, so remember that once you’ve gone through, you’ll come out just fine.
-Megha =) πŸ’œ~

17 thoughts on “I’m Sad

  1. This is really good. The last line really does justice to the fact that we’re not meant to always be happy, which is completely fine. Beautiful post and I could relate to it a lot!

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  2. So very true Bro!
    I felt like I was reading a thorough analysis of my emotions currently, wonderfully written!
    Indeed, their temporary existence is what is to be felt.
    Let’s get through this together ❄️

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  3. As I grow older, I realize that feeling is very complicated, it’s like I don’t have control over it, it works just the way it wants… Your writing is beautifully balanced in my interpretation, love it 😊

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    1. Ah yes, even the once simple things attain a new depth,dimension and complexity with time, don’t they? =)
      I’m so glad you liked this and thanks for such a sweet comment about my writing style ! That means alot to me πŸ’œ

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  4. I’m falling!!
    Nope, neither on the floor, nor from a building’s top.🏒
    I’m falling in an extreme love with your words!!❀ And no, I’m not joking!πŸ˜„
    Seriously from the most chaotic paradoxes to the simplest of feelings, you’ve been killing it, girl!!❀
    Simply loved it!!

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    1. Girrrllll!πŸ€—
      With every comment of yours that I’m seeing, I’m starting to be so SO happy to have met you!
      I can’t begin to say how much your support and love means to me dear. You are so genuine and always so appreciative of me, you are a friend I dearly cherish.
      Thank you so much for loving this piece and for supporting me πŸ˜­πŸ’œπŸ’œ


  5. Reblogged this on IKENNA HENRY ONYEBUCHI and commented:
    Definitely some words of wisdom to live by! I have learnt to accept in life that one will not always be happy and will not always be able to work things out and that is okay, because it will be fine!

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