School Counsellor

School Counsellor

I’ve always walked by her door,
Early morning and late afternoon,
In silence and confusion.
I’ve always wondered whether to seek her,
That comforting and knowing smile of hers,
Brimming in me, till the edge ; that irresistible temptation.
My hands have trembled inspite of me.
My heart beats faster inside of me.
And yet I’ve always walked,
Always walked by her door,
In a deafening silence and a calming confusion.

On that unforgettable and dreadful day,
I took the step to change my way.
In front of her inviting door I stood,
My hesitant hands raised to knock on that wood.
What was there for me to lose or gain?
Adrenaline saturating the blood in my veins.
Loud heartbeats in my ear &
voices echoing in my brain.
Two loud knocks and no one responds.
Should I walk by yet again?
On reflex I take one deep breath,
And then I step in instead.

I breathe the stale air of that empty room,
My eyes drawn to the corner,
Transfixed on that dark board of doom.
There I see the photos of the lives we’ve lost,
And beneath them, it reads:
“Don’t let history repeat.”
I trace my steps back,
With my hand on the door knob and a satisfied smile on my face,
I push the door open and leave.

-Megha Bhartiya 💜

©️Megha Bhartiya,

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