Black Hole

Black Hole

Beyond the realms of the atmosphere you see,
Beyond the guided lights of above and the gravity from beneath,
A star is burning up,
Collapsing into flames of fierce chemicals and beautiful energy,
And while it’ll condense and conflate itself into a dark mass of pent up strength igniting us in flames.
Time will subside into itself and there will be no land, no legends and no name.

-Megha Bhartiya, InkSoakedSoul 💜

©️Megha Bhartiya,

~First post of 2019. I wish you all a very healthy, happening and happy new year!

While it’s only just a mere change of date for few, to many it means a whole lot more. A new year comes with new opportunities, new hopes, new dreams and new achievements.

May all of you have a fun and unforgettable year ahead of you! =)

-Megha 💜~

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