Labels It's not just a label on my chest, It's a tightening coil of chains and a collar on my neck. My existence, my life, now reduced to three harmless words. Oh, where'd she go? That carefree, happy and loving girl? Why does everyone but me get to decide? Where I will be fine to... Continue Reading →

School Counsellor

School Counsellor I've always walked by her door, Early morning and late afternoon, In silence and confusion. I've always wondered whether to seek her, That comforting and knowing smile of hers, Brimming in me, till the edge ; that irresistible temptation. My hands have trembled inspite of me. My heart beats faster inside of me.... Continue Reading →

Black Hole

Black Hole Beyond the realms of the atmosphere you see, Beyond the guided lights of above and the gravity from beneath, A star is burning up, Collapsing into flames of fierce chemicals and beautiful energy, And while it'll condense and conflate itself into a dark mass of pent up strength igniting us in flames. Time... Continue Reading →

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