Snowflakes (COLLAB)

~Heeeeeyyyyy! It’s been long since I’ve posted ( again ) so forgive me. Apparently, my writer’s block is as stubborn as me but yOU CAN’T BEAT ME AT MY OWN GAME HEHEHEHE.
Okay sorry, that was creepy lol. So a while ago I sat down with my friend Adersh from “An Illusionary Reality” and collaborated on another poem, because why not, right?
Also because I’ve been having trouble writing myself and there’s no-one else to collaborate with me =(
But, do let me know if you liked this piece or not! I’d love to hear your views about it. The navy blue stanzas are written by me and the light blue ones are by Adersh . =)~


When the October winds had died,
And the December winds rose.
Thatโ€™s when the trees were barren and broken,
And all the lakes froze.

I looked out the window, and smiled;
Smiled at the great white beyond.
As if nature herself had gone to sleep,
The greenery was dead, of which I was fond.

Oh, the green was addicting,
Like a drug in my system.
But the white was my rehab,
It was my medicine and I was healing.

Though the loss of the green
Upset me to my core.
The white was so complete,
My sleepy eyes didnโ€™t see a single pore.

As the greenery died,
It had given its life to white.
The sunlight had faded,
Her strength had faded with her might.

I had heard of the beauty,
Through the greatsโ€™ typewriters.
Though it had never graced my eyes,
As I was too obsessed with street fighters.

I was mesmerized, I was hooked;
By the serene grace of the expanse
How it had been created, I do not know.
Angels would have made it perchance.

The cold had numbed my skin and senses,
My bones were weak and frozen.
Hypnotized I stood still near the cold windowpane,
And my praise stuck in my throat; unsaid, unspoken.

I ran out, blind with excitement,
For never having seen such a phenomenon,
Held my hand out, and saw a single snowflake,
Its shape, its simplicity, to which I was drawn.

Eager to see more, I held out my hand.
A second snowflake did land,
But I was surprised to see it be different,
Nothing like them grains of sand.

And the snowflakes kept falling,
But with them came a calm blizzard.
The earth now trembled, cold and afraid;
And we humans sat still and silently shivered.

But when the blizzard rose to its crescendo,
And the hibernation broke apart.
In that moment,
The snowflakes melted into the dew of the new grass,
And in a blink, we were back to the start.

-Megha Bhartiya & Adersh Varshnei ๐Ÿ’œ

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