Why I Write

~I’ve been away since October 18, yup, a pretty long time, but that’s because I’ve never been hit by a writer’s block before. Now I know what it feels like.
I couldn’t keep up with my weekly posting schedules too, yes, but please exempt me this one time?
It’s been a hard time for me to write.
So, to overcome this writer’s block, I tried thinking about why I originally used to write and this is what I came up with.
I hope you like it! =)

I write to lessen the burden on my mind,
To let others know of the problems that are mine.
I write to silence the chaos in my head,
In hopes that my words will wash away the tear stains on my bed.
Look at me now,
And all you’ll see is a hollow human.
Born and brought up in pain,
This shell of a person lives in confusion.
My thoughts are gunpowder,
And my mouth’s a gun.
But a pen’s the trigger,
And my end has just begun.
To begin my demise,
I’ll smile and sacrifice,
All that was never mine to begin with,
Blurred memories and fake gifts.
Why I write, you ask.
I don’t know, I say.
Truth is, I know.
But it’s more than what words can convey.
I write the things I am not strong enough to say,
So you’ll always find me with a smile on my face.
And while you see these words and read,
I’ll cut myself open and bleed.
For if my words can’t wash away my tears,
Then maybe my blood will.
But until then,
My breath will stay still.

-Megha Bhartiya 💜

©️Megha Bhartiya, inksoakedsoul.wordpress.com

9 thoughts on “Why I Write

Add yours

    This is absolutely brilliant. A masterpiece, I must say. It’s so very relatable ohgosh, I can’t even.
    Getting through writer’s block is one of the hardest things ever, but here you are back, again with such brilliance. Loved it🖤 slaying writer’s block like a pro🌟

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Ayesha!
      You are on reader that I genuinely look up to and love, for even when you don’t mention it, your honesty and appreciation never fail to shine through your comments . 😊💜
      Thank you so so much for all your support and sweet words dear, they really mean a lot to me. =)
      I find that you and I have a lot in common, maybe that’s why even I’ve thought several times “Ah, I should’ve written this,” when I’ve read your wonderful work, it always carries a message I relate to or feel strongly about . 😄


    1. Oh gawd. I’m so sorry Riddhima I could only open WordPress now.
      Thank you so so ssooooo muchhhh! 💜💜💜💜
      Nothing you say is every cliche what even! It’s always the most heartfelt and genuine words I recieve!
      The fact that you took the time to come back to such an old piece of mine and leave such a beautiful comment is a testament of it!
      Thank you so much! 🥺💜

      Liked by 1 person

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