You’re Human

~Hey, thereee! It’s my blog’s first birthday! Yup, INKSOAKEDSOUL IS OFFICIALLY A ONE-YEAR-OLD INFANT NOW WOHOOO! Hehehe, sorry got carried away in excitement.

Thank you all, for staying by my side and supporting me as I’ve grown through this year. To celebrate my blog’s birthday, I have two compositions coming your way, both of them very meaningful for me. I hope you enjoy! =)



You’re Human

You’re not a genie in a lamp.
You can’t grant my three wishes come true.
No, you weren’t trapped in that little vessel,
And I can see that your skin isn’t blue.

You’re not a mermaid from the waters.
You don’t grow feet when you come out on land.
Oh, your tears don’t turn to pearls,
And you don’t live in castles made out of sand.

You’re not a vampire of the night,
The sun doesn’t burn your skin.
No, you don’t survive on the taste of blood,
And you don’t need an invitation to come in.

You’re not a werewolf of the full moon.
Met with danger, you don’t growl.
No, you’re no Alpha or Beta, not part of a pack.
The moonlight doesn’t make you howl.

You are not part of a fiction,
A beautiful surreal fantasy.
No, you are not perfect, you have flaws,
Because you don’t live in imagination but reality.

Your blood is red and you’ll bleed when cut open.
Oh, your bones can snap under pressure.
Your human heart is fragile and will end up broken.
Little trivial things can give you pleasure.

But yes,
Yes, you seem weak.
Yet you still exist, smile and breathe.
For you are human, and that in itself is special.
You don’t need to prove your worth to become much better.

You are worth far more,
Than the picture of yourself in your head,
Whether it’s of a warrior with rebellion in mind,
Or a prince or princess on a royal bed.

You’re human,
You’re human so embrace it, and remember what I’ve said.
Live for what you love and cherish and someday,
Maybe someday,
Your story will be part of the several legends you’ve read.

-Megha Bhartiya πŸ’œ

Β©Megha Bhartiya,

16 thoughts on “You’re Human

Add yours

    You’re such a beautiful writerr, and to many more years of blogging! Looking forward to more AMAZINGG work by youu!

    Also, this is a masterpiece! From the title to the endd. Absolutely Brilliant.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear M,
    First of all, happiest birthday to inksoakedsoul (I am still hyperventilating about the name)
    Its been a while, isn’t? I have been online for quite a while, life was busy giving me lemons and I was squeezing them.
    But more importantly, it feels amazing to read your writing after a long time. Reading these lines, I believe that you have grown and evolved as a writer and your sheer passion and evolution is delineated in this piece.
    This creation somehow displays a nostalgia of all the legends however, the theme of the poem was a solitary reason that pulled my heartstrings. It seems unbelievable to me to witness this growth in your writing. I absolutely adore the concluding lines. This poetry is brimming with such positive energy that all my cells and atoms in the cells are practically contracting and bubbling with energy (note: rough traces of hyperbole)
    A phenomenal piece of art.
    Enigma πŸ™‚ ❀
    PS: Tell me, what did I miss?

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    1. Ahhhh E! ❀️
      You probably won’t believe me, but this comment of yours is literally the best thing that has happened to me today.
      Your words legit just made my day dear, and I’m not even kidding . =)
      It’s been a while yes! Time flies by super fast, right? I’ve been wondering where you were, but I know now.
      If life gives you too many lemons, toss some at someone else to lessen your burden, hehe xD
      You haven’t missed much from me ( though I did miss you =( ) because I’ve been busy squeezing life-lemons too. πŸ˜‚
      And my oh my, your review and understanding of my poem makes me so proud of it! πŸ˜„
      THANK YOU SO MUCH for staying by me E! You’re one of the genuinely talented and amazing people on WordPress that I admire the most!
      Your M. πŸ’œ
      PS. I hope you’re posting soon!

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  3. Happiest Birthday to Ink Soaked Soul! β€πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
    I am sooo sorry for being so late! πŸ˜”You know how my days have been.
    But believe me I can feel sheer happiness pour out of my little heart and run through my veins when I read this post of yours!❀ You literally go girl!! And there are still miles to conquer!❀
    Ah, and that piece of poetry you’ve gifted to the world as a little bonus gift in celebration of the 1st Birthday of your fantastic blog! THAT WAS A KILLER ONE! I mean seriously who could possibly think of pouring all the fantasy and magic into one little piece brimming with talent and beauty!!😊😍 Who but you, my dear!❀ Love you and your blog!
    May you be gifted with more sunshine and blissful light and may god continue to make your life more beautiful and blessed!

    Loads and loads of love❀

    Liked by 1 person

      *screams loudly, cries and dies with joy*
      You… Are you even real girl? 😭😘❀️ Lucky me to have come across you Riddhima for I swear you just made my day with your comment, infact, your words never fail to make me feel better!
      You are truly an amazing person dear. It’s rare to meet someone so genuine, honest and pure at heart and you just never fail to spread joy. πŸ€—

      My words will never be enough to express my love for you,
      THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your love and wishes!
      With friends like you by my side, this journey on WordPress shall continue happily πŸ˜„πŸ’œ

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re not the only lucky one, dear! I find myself more fortunate having a friend like you, a person who’s so talented yet so humble and warm-hearted! ❀😘 I too owe you a debt of gratitude for your constant support, appreciation, friendship and all the love! <3
        You're such a sweetheart! <3

        Liked by 1 person

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