Telepathic Tether

~This is a poetic piece in the form of a first telepathic conversation between two strangers , the different coloured lines are to separate their dialogues. Enjoy =) !

Telepathic Tether

Hello, voice in my head.
Hi, voice in mine.
Do you think you can help me, I think I need a friend.
Why isn’t it strange, I have a heart to lend.
You can hear me now, but can you feel my smile.
Yes, I can, do you think we’re across a thousand miles?
Maybe physically we are, but are we really?
This is surreal, I think it is a dream.
If it is, then I don’t want to wake up. I do not want this dream to end.
You sound so lonely. Let loose, with me there’s no need to pretend.
What do you think makes us humans strong? Is it the physical strength or a will to undo wrongs?
Maybe it is the will to survive, to live on and thrive. Maybe it’s the hunger to go on, even when you want to cry?
If we need emotions and feelings to cry, then I wish I could feel something.
And if it is the only way to stop the pain, then I wish I could feel nothing.
Isn’t fate strange? To throw us two together?
Stole my words. We are no longers strangers, we have now an unbreakable tether.
Can you teach me how to feel real,
And I’ll teach you how to escape reality.
Why, isn’t this sad?
But maybe it doesn’t have to be that bad?
I wish that could be true, but lately, everything seems blue.
Do you need a shoulder to cry?
Will you give me yours? And a promise to not lie?
Promises are fated to be broken, I’ll give you a vow.
I wish to let go of my guilt and regrets but I don’t know how.
Maybe you’ll learn to smile while still carrying them with you.
Do you really believe that? Do you think I can-
-Yes, I do.
Can you feel my smile this time? Maybe we can be better.
Tell me, what do you see when you look at the crowds in the streets?
I see a flood of humans, but not a drop of humanity.
I see familiar faces, but they’re all blind to me.
I’m not blind to you, you’re not invisible to me.
Even when you can’t see me?
To see what you look like is trivial to me when I’m already in your head, reading your thoughts, feeling what you feel.
I wonder why we couldn’t hear each other sooner?
I wonder what’s there for us in the future?
In such few words, we’ve said so much.
And yet I’m scared to ask who you are.
Why is that, tell me, please.
I’m afraid you’ll answer honestly.
Why, isn’t this sad?
But maybe – maybe it doesn’t have to be that bad?

-Megha Bhartiya 💜

©Megha Bhartiya,

~Yesssss! It’s a very different piece that I tried and I’m actually really proud of how it came out, what do you think? =)
While I’m very tempted to explain the title and even every single line of this piece, I’ll refrain myself ( Barely working ) and let the interpretations open to you guys! So, tell me, what do you think is going on with these two telepathic friends? What do you make out from their first conversation? I’d love to know what you thought about it!
-Megha ❣ ~

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