Strange Sadness

There’s a strange sadness setting in, its depth unknown. A dull electricity running through my bones. A numbness that consumes from within, its intensity held back. A persistent ache, an echo of mistakes wrapped around the tip of my finger like a string tieing me down to the ground.

Sometimes, hollowness just comes and settles inside of you. It’ll be there, staying silent and inevitably a heaviness comes along with it. Why it has come, one never knows, and just like that, though uncalled for and despised, it finds a home in your soul and becomes a resident of an already dying garden of broken dreams and hopes. On days like those, being alone with your thoughts is dangerous, for these thoughts now hold an indescribable power over your fragile mind.

One wrong thought is followed by another, and you have no control over yourself to stop it. Like an endless domino your pain will roll by and you’ll trip and fall on your own thoughts, a hindrance you’ve set upon yourself. On days like these, do not stay indoors and on nights like these, do not stay alone. For though you might feel alone will protect you, it only chips you slowly, like fresh paint on a wall. Bit by bit , piece by piece, alone will consume you. You’ll be oblivious to the point of no return, and when you cross that very threshold that holds you back, there will be no stopping.

Yes, sadness demands to inhabit you and grow, but you are to not concede to its wishes. Feel it, breathe it but do not allow it to grow further, for once it starts to infest, it brings with it an unbearable pain that not many make it through.

Make it through. You have to make it through, and no, not for your parents or friends ; no, not for your lover’s sake or your haters’ hate, but for yourself. Make it through for yourself. Let that fight last long, loosen your grip on reality and fall into the fantasy that soothes you. Laugh at the thoughts that ricochet in your brain, watch yourself from the eternal space no one can see, and in that moment when you’ll feel like your heart will burst with the pain, when you’ll feel like the world is closing in and there is no escape, when all the mistakes you’ve ever made, the smiles you’ve so often faked come crashing down on you, your sweat will break loose and your body will be flodded with the feelings you’ve long suppressed.Just take that one step, break that red string that’s wrapped around your finger tip and your whole world will set loose that very moment.

Holding on to the past while planning for the future will only make your present hurt, so let go of the pain that you’ve endured through. Let it be a memory, not a scar. That broken string of mistakes that you held on to, the one that tied you down is the one that will set you free.

So, let the sadness set it, but never let it stay. Smile, my friend, I know you’ll find your way.

-Megha Bhartiya 💜

©️Megha Bhartiya,

~PROOOSSSEEEEEE! Yay after so long! Finally, posting a composition other than a poem xD.

While it’s not exactly a happy composition, I do hope you guys liked it. =)

Happy Blogging!

-Megha ❣️

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