The Girl in the Mirror

Her thoughts are now rusted.
Their core has melted away from her bones.
Her skin is tainted with memories long forgotten.
And in this chaos, this crowd ; she’s alone.

The girl in the mirror is a therapist to many,
A friend to several in stress.
But when it comes to her, she’s a broken mess.
Helps others but can’t help herself.

Countless chase after her when they need.
Ignoring her cries, her begs for them to leave.
The loneliness consumes, caves her insides out.
Blessed are those, who have a shoulder to cry on ; a soul they trust beyond doubt.

She’s lost and empty,
Writing this in cold coloured ink.
She’s happy and at peace,
Only when she starts to sink.

And she’ll sink like an anchor,
Down to the deepest depths of the sea.
And maybe, just maybe,
On that soft sand-laden sea-bed,
She’ll find comfort, smile and finally go to sleep.

-Megha Bhartiya πŸ’œ

©️Megha Bhartiya,

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