A Wordless Camaraderie (COLLAB)

Hey everyone! This is a collaboration between me and Adersh, the first stanza is written by him and the second by me, and he’s ended the poem.

I hope you enjoy this one ❣️

I might have a bleak existence
Yet I am not unhappy.
For I have a friend
And he comes everyday
To meet me, even though
We both are homeless.
He always comes,
And shares his food, water.

The summer breeze brings along the scent of honey and wilderness,
The winter brings the sound of boots,
But no weather and no storm goes by without him by my side.
We might not have a roof on our head,
Food, water, and a soft little bed.
But we have each other,
an unbreakable tether,
And if the end of time is near,
I will stay right by his side.

For he is my buddy,
And I am man’s best friend.

~Megha Bhartiya & Adersh Varshnei 💜

©️Inksoakedsoul.wordpress.com ©️illusionaryreality.wordpress.com

Howdie hey !

I’m back with another collaboration (YES YAY ANOTHER ONE! ) with another talented friend of mine :)

I’ve collaborated with Adersh from An Illusionary Reality and we’ve worked together to bring you this piece so do let us know if you liked it and how you felt about it. He’s a genius when it comes to words so be sure you follow his blog. 😄

And of course, follow Adersh on instagram and connect with him here –


If you wish to collaborate with me or contact me further to have a chat , check out my contact page =)

Contact Megha, InkSoakedSoul

Happy Blogging!

-Megha ❣️

4 thoughts on “A Wordless Camaraderie (COLLAB)

Add yours

  1. I really like the contrasting writing styles. The first stanza is crisp with a more direct use of language. A bit like Yeats.

    The second stanza is all flowery and flows so smoothly, reminds me of Wordsworth.

    And we have released English teacher Rayan.

    Good job, you two.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. OHMYGOSH you guys,
    This is adorably beautiful. Perfectly describes this relationship as well as builds up a wonderful imagery.
    That’s what happens when two brilliant writers collaborate.
    Lovely work, you guys!

    Liked by 1 person

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