Chalk On Board

Hallo! So I’m finally back ( had so much school work!) with another piece and this one I’ve specially written keeping in mind my conversation with Megha Sood just a while ago.

She was reminded of her school days due to me so I promised her a poem about school life, and here it is! It’s written from the perspective of a shy boy who’s spent most of his school days observing others.

I hope you enjoy this one =)

As the silence descends,
And the chalk glides on the board.
I hear her pen click ;
She’s taking down notes.

And when the bell rings,
The friends herd together.
But she and I don’t stop,
As our hands scribble our thoughts.
Bound by an unexplained tether.

We’ve watched every teacher
come and go.
Oh, we’ve watched every school romance blossom and grow.
In silence our thoughts and actions have always been in sync,
But even today, to each other we’re unknown.

They say you can’t lose something you never had,
But as our farewell comes to an end,
And I search for her figure in a flood of faces.
A deep ache tells me I’ve lost the only friend I ever had.

As sadness grows in me a soft hand turns me over,
And I turn around to the curious eyes that I’ve always watched,
The same fragile face with a smile so small.
And in that moment as I found an outworldly joy,
I realized,
Maybe it isn’t farewell for us afterall.

-Megha Bhartiya πŸ’œ

©️Megha Bhartiya,

Heya! Do let me know how you thought about the piece and whether you enjoyed it. Maybe this will make you all nostalgic about your school days ( Such precious memories! )too, hehe xD.

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Happy Blogging!

-Megha πŸ’œ =)

15 thoughts on “Chalk On Board

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    I swear this made me cry. This is beautiful mannπŸ–€ It just made me love my oh-so-stressful school life. Obviously leaving school is gonna hurt bad, but I didn’t wanna feel this pain right now 😦
    This is beautiful. Absolutely amazing.
    Brilliant work as always Megha!

    Liked by 1 person

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