A Wordless Camaraderie (COLLAB)

Hey everyone! This is a collaboration between me and Adersh, the first stanza is written by him and the second by me, and he's ended the poem. I hope you enjoy this one ❣️ Friendship I might have a bleak existence Yet I am not unhappy. For I have a friend And he comes everyday... Continue Reading →

Chalk on Board

Hallo! So I'm finally back ( had so much school work!) with another piece and this one I've specially written keeping in mind my conversation with Megha Sood just a while ago. She was reminded of her school days due to me so I promised her a poem about school life, and here it is!... Continue Reading →

Through the Tips of My Fingers

Through the tips of my fingers, I let the past slip. The grass is still green and wild, The honey still drips. Fog and mist have conflated, To reveal a painting of deafness and depth. Step into the scene they paint, And prepare to be speechless. To revel in the beauty of the present is... Continue Reading →


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