To the Gay Gallows

To the gay gallows, I walk.
To the deep shallows, I swim.
The misty gloom is piercing and profound.
In silenced voices, whispering echoes ring loud.

They’re surrounding me with flaming candles in their hands.
Spraying me with all the kerosene in the land.
But no inferno can burn me, they don’t know.
My blood is already tainted with the gasoline of tomorrow.

I keep walking ahead, my footsteps steady.
In a few minutes, I’ll reach the slayer, and he’ll ask me if I’m ready.
And it happened exactly the way I said,
He asked me then, my last wish before I’d be dead.

“Praise to the noble Lord, and his blessed mercy.
Death has come upon you by the voice of the chosen whose laws we follow.
I ask you your dying wish condemned, be wise of what you ask,
for it’ll be granted before you have no tomorrow.”

He asked me to be wise,
and so I chose to be.
I asked the one thing that turned the tables,
the one thing that even fate couldn’t foresee.

“Oh, praise to the noble Lord,
The one who has blessed me with mercy.
I ask nothing less or more than one thing,
May he die alongside me in peace.”

Gasps and shivers broke around me as the wind picked up the pace and a scent of doom.
The flaw in the law screamed out, and the country grew blue.
The news had soon arrived.
The noble king was struck with a rare disease,
And nil were his chances to survive.

With steadier footsteps, I continued to walk towards my slaying.
And the chosen one’s heartbeat dropped,
Kept dropping as fast as I walked.
While he lay there on his royal bed, aching and ailing.

With a few last words of mine,
I had outwitted the last of the royal line.
As the flames surrounding me went out with a flash of blinding light.
The kerosene they had drenched me with started to vaporise.

In silence, I walked towards the gay gallows.
In peace, I swam towards the deep shallows.
And the king breathed his end as an inhumane smile split my face.
One second and one step later, I grabbed death in a loving embrace.

-Megha Bhartiya πŸ’œ

©️Megha Bhartiya,

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16 thoughts on “To the Gay Gallows

  1. Meghaaa. Themm chills, goosebumps I swear, not even kiddng.
    Brilliant work, you artist! Such beauty, such wonderful work, like always. How do you manage to present one after the other brilliant work? ❀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG! You don’t cease to leave me awe-struck! All praise for this one, love! :) <3

    O Mighty people
    Know who stands in front of you
    The queen of writing something profound and new! :)

    Love it so so much! Awesome one, dear! <3 :)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’m so glad i got to see your poems. they’re all so beautifully written. I need time to take them all in. I’m guessing there’s more to this than meets the eye. the depth and flow of writing is so amazing!!

    Liked by 1 person

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