Every Once in a While

Every once in a while, You should let go and cry. Let your emotions taint your bloodstream. Let that pool of tears dry. Every once in a while, Let that fury inside of you leak. Let lose the pent-up frustration and fire. Burn up, yell loud and scream. Every once in a while, Be honest... Continue Reading →

To the Gay Gallows

To the gay gallows, I walk. To the deep shallows, I swim. The misty gloom is piercing and profound. In silenced voices, whispering echoes ring loud. They're surrounding me with flaming candles in their hands. Spraying me with all the kerosene in the land. But no inferno can burn me, they don't know. My blood... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award – #2

Back with another post! (Damn it's been long.) So I was nominated by TMM (Rayan from The Site of a Confused Teen) for the Liebster Award recently. Thanks for nominating me Rayan, but dayuumn were your questions hard! He's a great guy so make sure to check his blog out to read his versatile, hilarious... Continue Reading →

Spilling Secrets

Hush hush, the whispering winds sing. Cut open and surrender for this war no one wins. Hush hush, the swaying trees are saying. Their wrath will descend, breathe out but don't breathe in. Hush hush, the water is wailing. Drenching deep in toxic tears, the ice is hot and burning. Hush hush, the earth and... Continue Reading →

20 Questions Tag

Hey there! My friend Shruti from Justscribbledthoughts has nominated me for the 20 Questions Tag and I'm here with my answers which I had a lot of fun writing ( they're all about books, wohooo!). Thanks for nominating me Shruti! Be sure to check out her wonderful blog to acquaint yourselves with some extremely well-written... Continue Reading →

What Words Can Do – #14

"I will not be another flower, picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find, and impossible to forget." ~Erin Van Vuren Happy Blogging! -Megha Bhartiya 💜 Follow me on pinterest - InkSoakedSoul :)

That Unfinished Cup of Tea

Today, I'm remembering. I'm remembering that unfinished cup of tea. These photo frames with flower garlands remind me. They remind me of the happy family that we used to be. Oh, how the cup shattered into pieces. Oh, how the hot tea spilt down on me. Suddenly the air was filled with gunshots and screams.... Continue Reading →


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