Writing Reflections (COLLAB)

~Hey, guysss! I’m here with my first ever collaboration ( AHHH I’M REALLY HAPPY ) and I’m delighted to say it was with my friend Shruti from justscribbledthoughts. She’s an amazing writer, photographer and a wonderful person, so make sure you check her blog out.

Together we have composed this poem Writing Reflections for you by alternating the stanzas we wrote, starting with the first stanza in navy blue written by me and the next in bright blue written by her. Enjoy :) ! ~

On the mahogany desk in front of me,
Is a book laid bare and open.
It’s all empty with blank and frail pages,
A book of dreams and hearts that are broken.
As I turn through the pages,
I can hear the silent echoes and fears,
A veil embraces the broken hearts,
Seeking for redemption through all those years.

While my glossy eyes see right through those opaque sheets,
My trembling hand writes the words that mirror me.
Somedays it lets its pages loose, gently scattering like waves,
And some days its power and voice are uncontrollable and untamed.

I wrote reflections of my scars and joys at times,
Sometimes scribbled random words jumbled up together,
But today was different with a deadline looming over me,
Goosebumps embraced me while my hands chose to quiver.

All the words bled away from my brain,
their bloody ink ran straight through my veins.
And as my thoughts stained the pages of the book, dripping slowly and steadily from my fingertips.
My hands swiftly moved in delicate patterns, and I painted the feelings that never left my lips.

The words that I had never said before,
Flowed out like prose; mystic lore,
But my instincts and fears overcame me like a dark cloud,
I tore the sheets of emotions;
Somethings just can’t be said out loud.

– Megha Bhartiya & Shruti Ohri πŸ’œ


Photo Credits – Shruti Ohri

~Howdie hey people! How are you guys?

So I finally did a collab, my first one ever (and hopefully not the last) and I’m really really happy about it!

It was a really fun experience writing with Shruti, in fact, we never even decided a specific topic but just continued with the flow of what each of us wrote (Oh the confusion of what to name it! :) ).

I hope you guys enjoyed this collaboration and if you did please let me know in the comments below, Shruti and I will be happy to receive your feedback. Also, If you wish to collaborate with me, email me through the contact page and we can chat up about it :)

Happy Blogging!

-Megha Bhartiya πŸ’œ~

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