Pernicious People

People are not toxic,
But their thoughts are.
They’ll willingly heal your wounds,
Then leave behind scars.

People are not toxic,
But their words can be.
They’ll lock you up in a place so rough,
Then readily say, “You’re free!”

People are not toxic,
But their fakeness is contagious.
They’ll yell at you to be real,
Then say, “There’s only ‘me’ & no ‘us’.

People are not toxic,
But they can be inhumane.
“No pain no gain,” they’ll say,
But what is it worth when you’ve been driven insane?

People are not toxic,
But their ideals are.
They’ll say all they wish for is peace,
Then happily declare war.

People are not toxic,
But their thinking can be.
They’ll tell you to stand up for love,
But you can’t explore your sexuality.

People are not toxic,
or are they?
How do you know you can trust someone,
When you can’t even believe what they say?

Maybe people are toxic,
Or maybe it’s just the world we live in.
For though being is inevitable,
Feeling alive is now a sin.

~Megha Bhartiya πŸ’œ


Daily Prompt Word – Toxic
Daily Prompt Word – Explore

29 thoughts on “Pernicious People

  1. Now toxicity canes a line,
    A creasing tracing two of the worlds qurantine ,
    Now toxicity is a wayward sign
    Be it harmful or be it vinceful a chime ,
    Now is toxicity a dangerous freaking mime ,
    I am perhaps hallucinating
    Or maybe it’s a time doomed just after quite a time ,
    Just as when my Madame though’ed
    I am toxic to the toxic world in front of my eyes ” – This was so aesthetically beautiful Madame , just as my Madame always writes so Madame πŸ˜„πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

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  2. This is AWESOME! Great job! Words that contain thousands of meaning and emotions. Can’t keep it inside, Need to say this to you, You are great!

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  3. So true! A rightful insight into the reality of today’s world, their so unnecessary obligations, their impractical ideals, their comments and their so not needed judgments!! Great post!! I dived into an ocean and swam with the waves of your poetry and the flow of your passionate words!! Loved it so much Megha!!

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  4. Beautifully penned, Megha. About this dilemma we keep having, are people toxic or is in the air, the atmosphere and everything around us, like breathing it, inhaling and exhaling….as we become a part of this toxicity. A very profound thought. <3 <3 <3

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  5. This is beautiful ❀
    It strikes right through, flipping across reality!
    “They’ll say all they wish for is peace,
    Then happily declare war.”
    Gosh, amazingg❀ and also, the sad truth.
    Meghaa. Lovedd thiss.❀

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