A drop of Happiness

A rivulet of tears running down my face. A pain so pretty, the one I gladly embrace. A stream of sorrow running down my neck. An ache so intolerable, leaving me to be wrecked. A river of feelings running down my chest. A hollowness so deep that I beg to be blessed. A sea of... Continue Reading →

Liquidating Life

Someone help me, I think I'm losing my mind. Surrounded by people yet I'm lonely. Oh, how everyone seems so selfish and blind. Someone help me. My heart is aching; it's breaking. I'm disappearing into a void so dark. Oh, how my whole world is shaking. Someone help me. Talk to me and hear my... Continue Reading →

Real Neat Blogger Award

A huge thanks to Rhed who's been so sweet as to nominate me yet again. Thank you so much Rhed, this is wonderful and I look forward to answering your questions :) Here are the Rules :- 1. Display the award logo. 2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their... Continue Reading →

Just a Touch of You

Just a touch of imperfection, Of all the flaws and mistakes. I saw you through my heart and I knew, Nothing about you was fake. Just a touch of fury, A feisty little spitfire. Caught in the midst of cheaters, You didn't want to be a liar. Just a touch of fresh air, Skin tanned... Continue Reading →

Pernicious People

People are not toxic,But their thoughts are.They'll willingly heal your wounds,Then leave behind scars.People are not toxic,But their words can be.They'll lock you up in a place so rough,Then readily say, "You're free!"People are not toxic,But their fakeness is contagious.They'll yell at you to be real,Then say, "There's only 'me' & no 'us'."People are not... Continue Reading →


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