Until Midnight

You won't believe me If I'd tell you, If I tell you about what I saw. Oh it was outworldly and surreal, Defying all known physical laws. Sitting on my roof last night, I watched the creatures fly. But I didn't dare reach out for them, Oh not until midnight. For true magic is not... Continue Reading →

Our Dying Duet

To my dear best friend I dedicate this duet. A duet that I will sing alone for the first time. This duet that narrates our journey up and down the scale, To find symphonies in words that don't even rhyme. From the start let us begin, When I had first heard you play the violin.... Continue Reading →

Like a Phoenix I have Risen

I've had enough Now it's time for some fun. Oh no, did you hear that? Well, then you better run. I'll let the thunder roar and lightning strike. Because I'm not going home tonight. And I will unabashedly cheat, Because there's no way I'll give in to defeat. I was the one surrounded by bullet... Continue Reading →

My Xeriscape

Let me guide you through my xeriscape, Where we can walk on the dew dripping grass. Watching how the plants take shape, We'll gambol down the narrowing path. There will be flowers all around, And the air will have the scent of wilderness. Where the humming of birds is the only sound, And your heart... Continue Reading →

Colours on the Gray-scale

~ Today my country celebrates one of the most vibrant and exciting festivals of the world; HOLI! It is a festival of quite simply colours and more colours and even more colours! On this beautiful occasion, I wanted to wish you all a very bright and colourful day blessed with lots of love and happiness.... Continue Reading →


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