Reality ; A Tangible Fantasy

The closer you look,
The less you see.
The more you die,
It gets easier to breathe.

The brighter you shine,
The duller you get.
The more you remember,
It gets easier to forget.

The wider you smile,
Others start to frown.
Learn to swim,
And then you drown.

You paint the canvas,
In shimmering colours and vibrant hues.
But life will always end up,
Back to beaten black and blue.

They’ll try to tame you,
They’ll try to blame you.
And when you’ll resist,
They’ll shamelessly shame you.

And no matter how well you’re disguised,
You’ll always be the one surprised.
Your truths and lies ; none of them are certain.
Because reality is always hidden behind closed curtains.

Days rush by because
we live and love on borrowed time.
So learn that not everyone around you,
is worth your tears or even your dimes.

Life will pass by in your imagination,
While you hope to find a nonexistent salvation.
And you’ll end up helplessly wasting away
All your precious numbered days.

Trust your instinct because
borrowed or not time never comes back.
Only fleeting pieces of memories will remain,
taunting you forever about all that you lacked.

So, breathe fire and cry storms.
Listen to your beating heart and dance along.
And show the world that you’ve been strong for far too long ,
Because being yourself has never once been wrong.

You’re the player and it’s your game.
Play it fiercely and wildly with no trace of shame.
Because it’s all about how well you aim and,
May the legends forever preach your name.

– Megha Bhartiya 💜


Daily Prompt Word – Imagination

29 thoughts on “Reality ; A Tangible Fantasy

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  1. I cannot begin to say 😮 I kid you not, my mouth actually hung open through my reading. Its so beyond beautiful. You know how we read something great and can’t help but wish we’d written it ? That’s what I felt. But no way, I couldn’t have put it as amazingly as you did. Its perfect. Im in awe ! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Meghaaa! Gosh! This is…I don’t know what to say. I don’t think any word will do justice to the beauty of this piece of work. It’s touching. It’s beautiful. I loved it.❤
    Honestly, it conveys so much to the reader. Awesome work!

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  3. The title is an example of a exquisite paradox, a beautiful contradiction. I cannot comprehend the emotions, I have while reading this brutal magic.
    The start was a heart-wrenching reality, inked with the sense of reliability to people.
    The end was motivating, creative, inspiring.
    Creative perspective laced with beautiful use of imagery.

    Enigma :) <3

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Enigma….
    God I don’t honestly know how to reply.
    The way you see my words, maybe even I can’t see them that way. I’m so happy you noticed the paradoxical title and pondered on it and I’m really beyond thankful you read it. Your words of appreciation make me want to write more!
    – M 😊💜

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  5. wow, truly, my soul is forever stained, with the ink, I beheld in this moment.and that is a blow your mind photoshop!

    the last lines of your incredible dichotomous word storm, reminded me of the opening scene in Troy; where the kid said to Brad Pitt, “thats the biggest guy Ive ever seen, I wouldnt want to fight him!” and then Brad Pitt said; “and thats why no one will remember your name!”

    truly outstanding inksoakedsoul!

    Liked by 1 person

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