The Fox in Sheepskin

I’m done with compromises
Your excuses and my sacrifices.
I’m done with all your lies.
Your bittersweet and pathetic cries.

Selflessly I cared for you,
Through all your thick and thins.
Liar, cheat. All you did was mistreat and repeat.
Such a fox you were in sheepskin.

You’re looking at me now,
With your hazel eyes wide awake.
Don’t try to utter a shallow apology because I know you know it’s too late.

I watched over you for years,
Now you’ll watch me rise through your tears.
You used to say, “Follow your mind, never your heart.”
But now the fox is heartbroken and lost .
Turns out I was the king, the lion you feared since the start.

~Megha Bhartiya 💜


Daily Prompt Word – Compromise
Daily Prompt Word – Thin

15 thoughts on “The Fox in Sheepskin

  1. “Madame’s wondrous poetry , sheds a light again, happy as I ever be , I am so sparkling again , dear my Madame I was on my Madame’s so beautiful poetry waiting so long again , lovely as my Madame’s poetry be , Madame the time was so difficult to wait , it cherried up all , all here again “ This was so beautiful Madame , I waited for my Madame’s poetry so much Madame ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😭😭. I want my Madame’s poetry more , I am so happy now Madame ☺️☺️☺️☺️

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  2. And see Madame , how my Madame saw fox in this ☺️☺️☺️☺️😊😊😊😁😁😄😄. My Madame would have been so happy too . I am happier more now Madame 😄😁😄😄😁😁☺️☺️

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  3. Amazing piece of poetry!
    When people betray and underestimate your love as weakness, you just need to unleash every monster, every sleeping dragon, ever wolf, every lion to tell them how love is a strength that can make you rise from your ruins.

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  4. You just put another smile on my face E. Thank you so much! 😊
    And I can’t put in words how much I agree to what you just said. Considering one’s love and care as their weekness is the biggest mistake one can make.
    -M 💜

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