And Yet,

Happy but perpetually empty.
I sit there by the fire.
Wondering how I ended up believing you,
When I had always known you were a liar.

You promised to be my mnemonic,
In this soundless and vacant world.
But I never realized,
How you ended up being the most bemusing thing I’d heard.

You came and then you were gone.
Leaving me paper-thin and torn.
Up until then I had never heard a sound,
And still, I could feel my heart break resonating through the grounds.

Stranded I stood in the violent silence,
Reflecting how your name is now past tense.
Promises are meant to be broken, I thought.
But why did you have to take with you all that I had got?

And yet,

I still smile thinking,
You weren’t meant to be by my side.
You were just a painful lesson,
To teach me not to hide.

And as I stand at our rendezvous,
Looking into the shallow waters of the river so blue.
An echo came by with the breeze,
Bringing me down to the ground on my knees.
No more deaf to the music that surrounds me.
I thanked you for going away and took my last leave.

-Megha Bhartiya πŸ’œ


Daily Prompt Word – Mnemonic
Daily Prompt Word – Wonder
Daily Prompt Word – Thin
Daily Prompt Word – Broken
~ Over 100 followers!? Oh dear, I can’t put in words how much I really love you all. A really gigantic ( Yes I just used the word ‘gigantic’ XD ) thank you to all of you! This means so much to me :-) ~

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