A Walk In Space

Would you care to join me on a journey through the infinite?
I’ll take you through the spirals of our solar system into the core of the blazing heavens shining bright.

Between the god of all gods and the god of wars we’ll see the asteroid belt.
And in the interstellar expanse of gas giants, I’ll make sure you feel a weightlessness you’ve never once felt.

We’ll land on the moon and walk over the craters and crests.
I’ll take you through the cosmic stretch of the incandescent and boundless universe that the big bang had left.

Steadily and slowly we’ll travel to the edge towards the god of underworld ; a dwarf made of mere dust and frost.
And then we’ll follow the constellations to the far away exoplanets where in the star dust we’ll get lost.

We’ll drift into the void beyond the force-fields and fireballs spinning and rotating in a dimensionless frame.
We’ll see the stars become novas and supernovas, and then white dwarfs,
And in their heat, we’ll sync our erratic heartbeats giving up all our tears and fears to their flames.

Further away we’ll float through the milkyway at countless light-years towards the unknown where we’ll surrender ourselves to the blinding spectrum of sensations.
And amongst the shootings stars, black holes and nebulas in the darkness,
together hand in hand we’ll find our salvation.

~Megha Bhartiya ๐Ÿ’œ


Daily Prompt Word – Core

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