Reality ; A Tangible Fantasy

The closer you look,The less you see.The more you die,It gets easier to breathe.The brighter you shine,The duller you get.The more you remember, It gets easier to forget. The wider you smile, Others start to frown. Learn to swim, And then you drown.You paint the canvas,In shimmering colours and vibrant hues. But life will always … Continue reading Reality ; A Tangible Fantasy

Crazy from a Chemical High

Radiation seeping through my veins. I'm hallucinating things I can't explain. Cloudless sky yet I'm drenched cold in rain. Dagger in my chest and still no ounce of pain. People, places. Things and faces. All seem too ceramic for my eye. But is it all even real? Or is it just a lie? I look … Continue reading Crazy from a Chemical High