“Don’t Hate, Appreciate” Award

“A smile is a smile no matter the face.

A soul is a soul no matter the race.”

Different award, same friend. Thank you, Winnie , yet again you’ve made me so happy that I can’t express. I feel honoured that I even came to your mind! To all my dear friends, please go check out her blog, it is truly inspiring, always a delight to read.

This one of a kind award was started by Srijan, an amazing writer and a very thoughtful person to have come up with an award that spreads positivity and only positivity!

I know the quote that I have chosen might seem a little dark and not exactly positive to many but I think it just speaks an important truth in such a beautiful way so I couldn’t help but share it. Keep smiling and stay happy :)


1) Mention the rules!
2) Start with one very inspiring, positive yet beautiful quote!
3) Mention the name of the creator, which is the person who has nominated you. I repeat the person who has nominated you. And so in this way, everyone will be a creator of this blog, at least once!
4) Write a short poem for the person who nominated you.
5) Nominate any 8 bloggers and let them know that they are nominated!
6) Tell us a short beautiful story, be it imaginative or practical.
7) Ask 3 questions.
8) Don’t hate, appreciate.


To the mother of three,
Who’s become an inspiration to me.
She’s woken up from fear and dread,
Of a sleepless slumber on the hospital bed.
Yet she stands tall, helping and smiling.
Always the diamond in the mine, shining.

In a garden of thorns you’re the rose.
Miles apart yet to you I feel so close.
In my short time here I’ve never seen a fearless warrior like you,
Who struggles to spread positivity and always uphold the good.

So genuine and so fierce
I pray you shed no more tears.
Your happiness may no bounds,
And I wish you stay safe and sound.

Believe me when I say,
Issa and your boys are blessed to have you,
Because you’re the strongest soul they could ask to be around,
always the unfading rainbow in the blue.

To me all your words are poetry no matter how they rhyme.
All I wish now is to meet you,
And maybe I will
If only I’m blessed in time.

~Megha Bhartiya πŸ’œ


It was a sunny evening. A really sunny one. The Cafe was bustling with people like it always does but something in the air was different today. I couldn’t pinpoint what was so different about the evening and it was starting to creep me out. I was in the corner seat with James; my best friend since childhood. We ordered our usual and sat down to chat about the day and then we’d go out and celebrate my 24th birthday.

Oh, how I felt so old!

It’s been an hour since we’ve been here and I’ve noticed the people around keep smiling at me for no reason. Jessy, my friend who works here as a waitress has been extra sweet. When I pointed this out to James he just laughed it off. He seems on the verge of passing out. He’s been sweating so bad and while I can understand it’s a very hot evening but that doesn’t explain him constantly checking his watch.

“James are you okay?” I finally asked.

“Oh yeah yeah totally.” He replied, wiping sweat from his forehead.

“You don’t seem okay to me though. If you’re not feeling well then I can drop you home.” I suggested to which he looked at me and smiled for the first time in the evening and I could see a hint of resolve forming on his features.

I see Jessy passing by our table and she drops a napkin on the table. It says

“Get out now while you still can.”

My mind starts racing and I’m instantly hit by a wave of panic. What does this mean? I grab James’ hand and run out and when I turn around towards the Cafe I find it empty.

“Is there a bomb in there? What if someone is planning to attack the Cafe?” I yell out to James, worry evident in my voice. He smiles and grabs me by the shoulders and turns me towards the street. It’s brimming with the crowd of the Cafe and in a minute I see them start dancing in sync to my favourite song. Confetti fills the air and I see balloons flying high. In the distance, I see Jessy with a huge banner reading “Will you be the Lily to my James?”

I laugh and turn to point it out to James when I see him on one knee and in his hand is a tiny velvet box. “Happy Birthday Princess.” He says and I realize why everybody has been smiling at me all evening.

“So, where to next?” I ask, slipping the ring on my finger.

“To Hogwarts.” He replies, smiling.


1. What inspires you in life?

~A lot of things, words and many people inspire me in life. One thing would be my bucket list and it might seem childish ( though I am a child ) it still inspires me to always do better, to keep on working hard because only through struggles will I be able to strike out everything on my bucket list ( which is very unlikely since it keeps on getting longer ). There is also this quote, just this one quote from my favourite TV show that has stuck with me for so long.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

Anytime and everytime I’m sad or struggling, or in desperate need of inspiration, this quote always seems to find its way back to me. :)

And when it comes to people, the biggest inspiration for anything that I do has always been and always will be my mom. :)

2. Do you believe in humanity? Why?

~I do believe in humanity. Quite strongly in fact. Even though we’re surrounded by so much hate and sadness these days, with so much crime and terror to be afraid of, I do still believe we can get through it. It’s like I mentioned in my poem This is Our Society, we’re all living in a time of flaws, where we’re losing touch with so much that is life-giving, yet we all know about it and we’re striving to overcome our fears and be better every day.

“We know what our problem is and we know how to solve it” :)

3. Do you believe in Karma? Please explain.

~I’m so sorry to say, but I’m yet to explore the concept of Karma to its fullest. I think as of now I can only see the surface of ‘What you do gets back to you’ and quite frankly I do believe in this, but I think there’s so much more to it.


  1. Shruti Ohri
  2. Ayesha
  3. My Valiant Soul
  4. KaylaAnn
  5. Aryan Jain
  6. Megha’s World
  7. Enigma

All these people are amazing, do go and check out their blogs. :)


1. Tell us about a favourite childhood memory and what made it special.

2. Do you have any pet peeves? Tell us about some of them.

3.What is the most childish thing you still do and why?

“Don’t hate, appreciate.”

With lots of love – Megha Bhartiya πŸ’œ

12 thoughts on ““Don’t Hate, Appreciate” Award


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  2. Congratulations M!
    I am super happy with your achievement. Thank you for nominating me!
    But to be honest, I don’t do awards.
    Nevertheless, I appreciate you for nominating me.
    Enigma :) <3
    PS: That piece of poetry is amazeballs.

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  3. Congrats Megha! You’re post is amazing! Thank you for participating 😘. I really really love your poem about me. It’s so beautiful I almost cried. I am going to print your poem and paste it in my journal just the like the first poem that was written for me from one of the nominees like you. By the way, I am going to nominate you again for the mystery blogger award 😁😘

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