The Bloody River

We’re fighting a war that can’t be won.
Taming a monster that can’t be tamed.
The bloody river taints the battlefield,
As the inky sky rains pain.
Our hands are smeared scarlet,
And the lifeless bodies are stirring awake.
The echo of the gunshots is unfading,
And the stab wounds don’t seem to heal.
They’re walking towards us, can you see?
They’re asking us how we feel.
Haunting our days and nights with their last words,
Dragging our perishing souls to their world.
They tear our hearts and break our bones,
Asking us if what we did was right.
In winning the battle,
We’ve lost this fight
Of guiding our spirits
On a path of light.

-Megha Bhartiya 💜


~ It’s my first post of 2018 so firstly, a very happy new year to you all! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you filled with opportunities, love, happiness and memories to cherish. A new year has started and so I have decided to join the ranks of the ‘POSTAWEEK BLOGGERS’, yay!

I'm part of Post A Week 2018
With lots of love – Megha Bhartiya 💜 ~


20 thoughts on “The Bloody River

Add yours

    1. Ayeshaaaa! You’re back! 😄
      You have no idea how happy I am, really, the year seems better than the previous already and I’m glad you loved it, it genuinely means a lot when you like the stuff I write 💕💜

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  1. “In the avenue of the hazy ,
    My Madame marks a gaze,
    In the loose wind that calms the parts,
    My Madame is still is so ablaze,
    In the gates of darkness
    Where everything lies so pale,
    My Madame heaves of the harth
    To enlighten the charming rain ,
    Every word of her is like a dance in the moonbane,
    Like this poetry of my Madame
    traps me in
    The emotions of beauty and solace 😄😃😄😊. ”

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