The Mystery Blogger and The Quill Commander Award

Before anything else, I want to thank my friend Winnie yet again for thinking I deserved these two awards. Thank you so much. I'm sorry I took so long to accept and post these. Please go ahead and check her blog out. It's as inspiring and heart warming as anything could be and I'm sure... Continue Reading →

Such is the Silhouette

Such is the silhouette of chaos and chill. It's what you see when your thoughts are nearing the edge, Almost as if about to spill. It's what you see when desperation is slipping through your veins, and in your attempts to find solace, you turn to the pale and pink pills. Such is the silhouette... Continue Reading →

Peaceful Sleep

I turned my head and gazed at the sun. With the pain and the fear, The world had made me numb. And as all started to fade, And my pieces started to break away. I witnessed my heart, falling apart. But then I turned again, Facing the path ahead of me. And I realized I... Continue Reading →

Where Your Thoughts Belong

~ This short poem is dedicated to all you aspiring and budding young minds out there with new ideas and thoughts that might change the world. I just want to let you all know that you don't have to hide what you think and what you believe in. It makes you special and you should... Continue Reading →

Forlorn Alleyways

I've left the forlorn alleyways of my dusty little hometown. Where I used to see the leaves bereft the trees without hitting the ground. Those alleyways have berated me and yet they were a benediction. With walls brimming with a myriad of ambiguous graffiti and a street full of creatures torn straight from fiction. I've... Continue Reading →

The Bloody River

We’re fighting a war that can’t be won. Taming a monster that can’t be tamed. The bloody river taints the battlefield, As the inky sky rains pain. Our hands are smeared scarlet, And the lifeless bodies are stirring awake. The echo of the gunshots is unfading, And the stab wounds don’t seem to heal. They’re... Continue Reading →

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