A Crimson Conspiracy

It’s a crimson conspiracy,
How you seem to be a demon in disguise.
You say it’s just my wild imagination but dear, this reason won’t suffice.

Your ambition is rain drenched
with the sickening smell of blood and tears.
With all intentions wrong, how are you able to convince me you’re right?

You’re an extravagant illusion I never dreamt of,
A company of solemn loneliness.
With you I can feel my purity decaying,
Yet I resist the urge to fight.

Maybe it’s your velvet touch that has me hypnotized
Because I can’t seem to speak, see, understand or even realize
That your voice is slowly creeping to my veins.
There’s so much about you that I can’t and dare not explain.

You’re an ordinary mystery lurking by the light.
Standing there smiling you’ve tied a noose around my neck,
And with every breathe and every step you’re willingly pulling it tight.

Your bittersweet is addictive and I don’t want to let it go.
But with you I lose my consciousness to a reason unknown.
I’m cold-heartedly craving the chaos you bring along,
Even when you’ve dragged me to be consumed by everything that is wrong.

Defective and directionless,
You’ve deceived me into devoid.
Utterly helpless and completely destroyed,
Sometimes I think maybe I’m just paranoid.

But I let your lullaby of screams and yells,
be the last song I hear before I’m under your spell.
You say you’re an angel but your feathers are on fire.
Oh but darling I’ve realized,
You’re just a beautiful liar.

-Megha Bhartiya 💜


Daily Prompt Word – Extravagant

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