Broken Smile

~ I wrote this poem inspired by a little accident that I had. I hope you’ll enjoy it :-) ~

Once upon a time,
There lived a courageous little soul.
In a harsh world, she was a merry girl,
Who searched for someone,
With a heart of gold.

She had a tiny bicycle,
On which she’d ride for long.
But one unfortunate day,
When fate had something else in store.
She tumbled on her little ride and fell.
Now she had a broken smile and a story to tell.

In heartwrenching pain, she picked up her ride.
Crimson tears dripping from her lips.
With every shaky breath, she tried,
To reach her home before the eclipse.

Struggling she reached the doctor,
Who she thought would help her.
“Can you help me find my smile?
I think it is lost.”
“I’m afraid my dear,
There’s a high cost.”

Did she want money, she wondered.
“Then I’ll break my piggy bank “
“It’s not the money dear,
But know that your smile may now forever be changed.”
She soon realized,
That from now on she’d have to face all her fears.

She hid away her face,
And faster grew her pace.
Her self-esteem melted away,
As the world around her started to sway.

Her quest for peace brought her back from the daze.
Where was the golden heart she sought so desperately?
She was still ready for a chase.

Every morning she’d wake up with dim eyes.
Tired of all the people around her telling lies.
She’d stare at her broken pearls in the mirror,
With each day she’d notice their shine grow dimmer.

Days turned to weeks which soon dissolved into months.
Her hope was running dry.
Every night she’d try to calm herself,
But then she’d sit alone and cry.

Why but as the sun rose and sank.
And as life goes on.
With every passing second,
Her flaming heart grew strong.

With a broken smile, she decided to fix her broken soul.
Because she realized that broken could be beautiful too.
So she cherished and nurtured herself back to strength,
And she rejoiced the many happy days she had spent.

With a flood of emotions ceasing her heart,
She decided to ride on her bicycle again.
She had been searching too long for the golden heart.
All her efforts couldn’t be in vain.

But travelling through the valleys and hills,
Through the jungles and deserts and the meandering roads.
She couldn’t find what she was looking for,
And soon she found herself growing cold.

But one moonlit night as she looked into the mirror,
She could see a golden aura around her little frame.
The golden heart she looked for had always been within,
Under the many layers of wounds and injuries on her skin.

Cherishing her little heart she sat down to capture her journey.
The wind blew fast and somehow the stars shined brighter,
She wrote a tale about a girl with a broken smile.

-Megha Bhartiya ๐Ÿ’œ


Daily Prompt Word – Cherish
Daily Prompt Word – Dim
Daily Prompt Word – Broken

28 thoughts on “Broken Smile

    1. Seeing that my poem actually touched you has made me emotional too, in the best possible way (might I add ๐Ÿ˜Š). Thank you so much E for reading it! Kaleidoscopes, ah your insight on how they show the beauty of the broken is so true ๐Ÿ’œ!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Your writings are so beautiful. I have started writing blogs recently, have done four tii date. So, whenever you are free, it would be great to have you going through them, and more importantly, to have your opinion about them!

        Liked by 1 person

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