Your Smile

In overcrowded places,
In a flood of faces.
All I look is for your smile.
And if I spot you,
Even if you don’t see me.
I’ll chase you through the miles.

In a sunlit meadow,
We’ll lie down side by side.
As the wind will admire your hair,
I’ll see you beam,
And I’ll feel at peace inside.

On the spotless pavement across the road.
I’ll hold you’re hand in mine.
I’ll see you dance on the sidewalk,
And if you fall,
I’ll make sure you’re fine.

Through fire and ice.
Through struggles and failures.
I’ll be there to cuddle your heart.
I’ll be your armour and your savior.

And if plague strikes you,
I’ll find the cure.
And if you don’t get enough love my dear,
I’ll give you more.

And if we’re stuck in purgatory,
I’ll build a paradise for us.
I’ll tell you each morning how much I dearly love you,
With no hope of hearing “I love you too.”

To the moon and stars,
from the thunder and rain.
I’ll forever hold your hand,
Through our bliss and all our pain.

And I don’t care if I lose my heart to you in trying to mend yours.
You fill my lacuna like no one ever has, because you bring me an ecstasy that no one else can.

I love you and your strength.
Your will to never bend.
I love you and your power,
And each time that you show you’re not a coward.
I love you and your eyes.
Because I crave the chaos and wilderness they hide.
I love you and your echt heart,
And I promise to never let it break apart.

What a blissful world would it be, if you were to exist not just in my dreams.
I’ll be your Luna and your Helios,
Your love, your life and so much more.
Maybe you do exist and I can make you mine.
I’ll just have to keep looking
In crowded places,
In floods of faces,
For a smile so divine.

-Megha Bhartiya 💜


Daily Prompt Word – Bliss

13 thoughts on “Your Smile

  1. Dreams like these will come true. A beautiful tale. Stunning use of words. I loved that Luna and Helios’ line.
    Wonderful piece of art, M.
    Enigma :)
    PS: Mind if I call you M?

    Liked by 1 person

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