Is that Elegance I see?

With a calmness so ominous.
With a confidence so dominant.
With a familiarity so anonymous.
Is that elegance I see?

In your eyes hides an ocean.
In your heart lies a sea.
In your stillness there’s still a motion.
Is that elegance I see?

You are littered with scars and wounds.
You are ablaze in the ice cold doom.
You are the rising tide; the typhoon.
Is that elegance I see?

In you I have seen modesty.
In you I have seen courage.
In you I have seen dignity.
But now, Is that elegance I see?

For no matter what my words say.
My thoughts poured out are still astray.
For your soul has me captured.
I’m standing still, enraptured.

I realize elegance has so much more than what we see.
For my love, you are incomparable to me.
In you I see the future so bright.
In you I see a dark past seeking light.

Tell me I’m wrong and I won’t care.
For you have changed the meaning of elegance for me.
It is no more a mere scratch on the sheet.
It lies now in the shadows of imperfections.
So beautiful and bare.

It is not just grace, charm and beauty.
To me, it is an out worldly electricity.
Because every time I see you fall and get back up ,
I know you’re so much more than just a buildup .

At times a sophisticated beast.
I know you can be a demon on two feet.
Slaying monsters as you go.
Sometimes I wonder,
Whether it’s you who makes the rivers flow.

Or did you carve out the valleys?
The little hills and stones?
But then I lose my chain of thoughts,
As I see you help mend broken bones.

I don’t know what elegance means anymore,
Because for me it is solely this woman. Enchanted, mesmerized or call me hypnotized .
All I know is that I see,
Pure elegance in her eyes.

-Megha Bhartiya 💜


Daily Prompt word – Elegance
Daily Prompt Word – Carve
Daily Prompt Word – Dominant
Daily Prompt Word – courage
Daily Prompt Word – Broken

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