I’m a Sparkle

In the cold with ice and snow.
From drops of water, I’m formed.
You’ll never know if it was the rain, dew or tear, guess but you’ll still be wrong.
I’m a sparkle.
In the summer heat,
With golden sand beneath your feet.
When all hopes of water are running dry.
You’ll see me, a mirage. Thirsting for a meet.
I’m a sparkle.
Under the shade of the tree that you love.
With its dense canopy high above.
I’m under you reflecting the sky.
You’ll see me if you just try.
I’m a sparkle.
In the bitter cold of the night.
When you’ve lost the will to fight.
At the onset of day, you’ll see light.
On the horizon, the sun will rise.
And you’ll see me.
I’m a sparkle.
On the stage, when you’re trembling in fear.
When forgotten lines and humiliation seem so near.
Your eyes will spot the bright smile of your mother.
Now look no further,
You’re a sparkle.
And when all strength is lost,
And you’re drowning in a pool of your tears.
Surrounded by the ghosts of your fears.
Don’t lose hope and look for the sparkles.
They’re there, everywhere.
Waiting for you to see them.
And when you do,
They’ll come for you.
They’ll help you get back up,
So you can smile and sparkle again.
And keep on sparkling.
~Megha Bhartiya



Daily Prompt Word – Sparkle
Daily Prompt Word – Above

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