Pierce My Soul

I almost forget to breathe When your eyes see through my soul. You're too magnetic for the iron in my blood. You're the living legends I've been told. Let's not run to the angels But agree to dance with the devils. Let's sleep sound in a nest of poetry, Legs entangled together like tendrils. For... Continue Reading →

A Crimson Conspiracy

It's a crimson conspiracy, How you seem to be a demon in disguise. You say it's just my wild imagination but dear, this reason won't suffice. Your ambition is rain drenched with the sickening smell of blood and tears. With all intentions wrong, how are you able to convince me you're right? You're an extravagant... Continue Reading →

Broken Smile

~ I wrote this poem inspired by a little accident that I had. I hope you'll enjoy it :-) ~ Once upon a time, There lived a courageous little soul. In a harsh world, she was a merry girl, Who searched for someone, With a heart of gold. She had a tiny bicycle, On which... Continue Reading →

This is our Society

Where hearts are broken, And bones are bended. Where friendships are torn, But never mended. This is our society. Where it's all a play and pretend, And no one truly is your friend. Where tongues are razor sharp, No one cares, no one tends. This is our society. Where money is above all, And with... Continue Reading →

Your Smile

In overcrowded places, In a flood of faces. All I look is for your smile. And if I spot you, Even if you don't see me. I'll chase you through the miles. In a sunlit meadow, We'll lie down side by side. As the wind will admire your hair, I'll see you beam, And I'll... Continue Reading →

Silent Screams

I wake up dripping sweat. The sunlight is warming my cells. The breeze is caressing my cheeks As the waves invite me to their embrace. But this inviting darkness is casting spells. Soon I'll be dragged to their depths of hell. They say these aren't dreams. Can you hear my silent screams? I wake up... Continue Reading →

Creating Legends

Let's make a legend for ourselves. A beautiful world, with hills and valleys. With dragons, beasts and elves. Let's make a legend for ourselves. Set in a land so far and wide. Where there are no rules or regulations, That one shall and must abide. Let's make a legend for ourselves. In the grounds of... Continue Reading →

Is that Elegance I see?

With a calmness so ominous. With a confidence so dominant. With a familiarity so anonymous. Is that elegance I see? In your eyes hides an ocean. In your heart lies a sea. In your stillness there's still a motion. Is that elegance I see? You are littered with scars and wounds. You are ablaze in... Continue Reading →


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