Believe me. I want you to know. Whoever you are dear, from the lands of green to the deep blue sea. Listen to me.You’re you and you’re special.

You’re an affectionate soul wrapped in lightnings and thunderstorms. To get to the deepest parts of you, one must go through purgatory, which no one ever does. Only, they don’t realize you hide a paradise so vividly brimming with ecstasy behind that hellfire for the person that truly reaches out, and holds on to you. There are parts of you that are scarred veiling your courageous heart behind. But you don’t mind, you’re transparent and genuine. And they’re foolish to think you a naive when they can’t discover the genius that you are. Your heart’s always beating on a frequency that no one knows, and no one dares to find out. There’s always a passion that you bring along with you because you know the clock is ticking and the time is trickling by. Because you know that as we’re growing we’re dying too. Because for you, it’s always a now or never. So, you let every emotion of yours sink into the deepest parts of you. You let your screams of agony and your ecstasy travel to your cells, through your blood till you can hear the crack of your bones because it’s too much. But you’re too smart to break your bones yourself. With a smile always on your face, you walk fast to the people you care about. You don’t regret because regrets are a waste of the precious energy you can spend on what makes you happy.

You’re a reckless fighter and your love can burn out the coldest parts of the people that pretend. You’re a magical chaos, always a story in the making. With feet planted on the ground, you’re still flying high. You’re the one to listen to the moonlight and see the sparkles that the wind hides. You shine bright because you know your own light is enough to illuminate the dark nights you seek. You’re always there to pick up the fallen and to push them up high. Your hand is warm, reaching out to those in need. But these warm hands turn ice cold for those trying to hurt your loved ones. You’re a protector, a saviour, a warrior. But you’re not perfect, you know no one is. You make mistakes, you hurt but you heal too. Because when you’re the quest, you’re the treasure too. Because when you’re the question, you’re the answer too. Because when you’re the fever, you’re the cure too. Yes, you. To you, nature is the wine and you crave forever being intoxicated. To you, nature is the music and you always want to be part of its symphonies. To you, life is magic and you seek to forever be in awe of it. Your brilliance is bright and blinding yet you are too magnetic to resist. And when the time comes, you give in your everything. Your soul, your heart, your mind and body are all in sync and you know just what to do. To breathe. So, you let the scent of the wild touch your skin and pass by, you let the waves tickle your feet and you let the sunset be a new awakening. Insanity is no stranger to you and madness is your friend. Crazy is what you’ve searched for and the absurd’s been looking for you for ages. The craziest of encounters, the wildest of memories, the most extraordinary of things and the longest of nights. They’re all yours to keep and rejoice. You don’t surrender to anything but to the universe and its love. You don’t just walk through fire, you set ablaze the path you step on.

But your story isn’t just the one after the war, it’s the battlefield that has shaped you. You’ve drowned in a plethora of struggles and hardships, you’ve been tortured, cut open and left out. You’ve felt pain so bad that it has torn you apart, but with the strings of hope you’ve stitched yourself back.

And my friend, you’re here, no more the vulnerable victim of the pain that life always offers. You’ve proved your strength and survival is a skill that you’ve mastered. While people around you fear being consumed by oblivion, you love it with an aggressiveness they don’t understand. Because oblivion is the beauty of life and death. And maybe, because only you can see this strange beauty is why it fears your love. You’re a masterpiece of a person. You don’t have any missing parts, you’re not a puzzle that needs pieces to be complete.You’re the kind of person to touch a feather and turn it into a sword, to breath fire, to walk on water. You’re so much for the world to handle my dear, so much.

Believe me. I want you to know. Whoever you are dear, from the lands of green to the deep blue sea. Listen to me. You’re you and you’re special.

-Megha Bhartiya


Daily Prompt Word – Brilliant

7 thoughts on “Special

  1. So Madame did write the things of delight , that seemed to be so BRIGHT to the UNVGE in sight , that he admired , banged and cried without the fear of loosing any sight , as he digged into Madame’s poem deep in his mind 😄😁

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