And I’ll Dance Till My Feet Bleed.


Rugged clothes and a stone filled path.
The street light flickers and I’ve forgotten my way back.
Turning around I see my home so far,
It’s where I used to keep the fireflies,
bottled up in a glass jar.
My broken slippers in one hand,
and a ticket for the night bus to the town in another.
As I step further into the cold night,
I wonder what he’d think, my brother.
Would he be angry again? Or would he not even bother?
But his opinion doesn’t matter to me anymore,
For him, I’ve already closed my door.
The bus ride is deafeningly silent.
I can only hear the hammering of my heart.
Those people back there,
they won’t let my feet glide.
I’d swirl and twirl by the river,
but they’d drag me back to the cold house to shiver.
I’d tap my fingers to the rhythm and I’d let my body soak in the music.
From this corner to that I’d move,
with every fall and tumble, I’d find my groove.
But they’re always there,
watching me fall to the floor.
They’d laugh silently,
then step ahead and say, “No more.”
But those days have long gone,
when I used to cry when my body would hurt.
I’m too used to pain now,
it’s all I’ve felt since birth.
And I’m far away from them,
they will never reach me now.
I’ll dance my way through this town,
and one day they’ll all bow down.
They won’t stop my aching body from moving,
because it craves the motion of the music.
I’d step on the stage, gentle and warm,
but I’ll leave it to be washed away by my storm.
Because in sorrow and in happiness,
in my sanity and in my madness,
baltering has been my friend,
and so it will stay, until my end.
With grace and fluidity,
I’ll dance in serenity.
With simplicity and sophistication,
I’ll dance until the end of my creation.
You’ll now find me dancing through the wildfire,
and under the lashing rain.
Because I have been waiting too long, for this freedom; for this release.
I can stay no more sane.
And I’m ready now,
ready to leave this world full of hypocrisy, hatred and greed.
And I’m ready now,
ready to dance till my feet bleed,
And I’ll dance till my feet bleed.

– Megha Bhartiya 💜


Daily prompt word-Silent
Daily prompt word-Dancing

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