Let’s Talk WordPress Tag

Lets talk wordpress tag

Heyy everyoneee! Howdie Hey WordPress :)
I just got nominated for the ” Let’s talk WordPress Tag” by Shruti Ohri-justscribbledthoughts.
She not only writes exceptionally well but is a charming human being too. Check her out. Thanks for the tag Shruti! And of course, I can’t forget to mention the creator of the tag Meher Gandhi who is a be-you-tiful writer herself.


  • Talk about your writing journey! Give your readers an overview of how you acquired an inclination towards writing. Also, tell them about how/why you decided to join WordPress!
  • Describe your experience with WordPress so far. Tell us about any five things you like about WordPress and a few things you do not like about WordPress (if any)!
  • Nominate six other bloggers for this tag, providing a link to their sites and letting them know about it. Okay then, here we go.
    1. My Writing Journey:
    Writing, as an art form has always appealed to me. How, with just a few strokes, a few scratches on a fragile sheet and with just a drop of ink one can do so much to the world, has always been fascinating to me. For me, reading and writing go hand in hand, like listening and speaking, and I’ve always loved reading. Reading about other people’s thoughts and opinions, the way they see our world and being captured by the amazing narrative of the many wonderful authors that I have read has made me realize the true and incomparable amount of power that our words really hold. For a long time, writing was a way for me to let my pains go, to relieve me of the burden I carried, to store my happy memories. I used to write about the bad and the good in my day. About the things that made me wonder, about my tears and my fears, about my friends and family. I used to write about anything and everything that happened to me. I do it now too, and when any of my friends feel dull, I tell them to write everything that they feel, because somehow, when I write my feelings down, I feel like I’m not alone and I hope my friends feel that too.

    2. Why I decided to join WordPress:
    I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time but I’ve been intimidated by it for longer than I can remember. The idea of a “blog” was very foreign to me and understanding it took me time. I always wrote just to express myself and publishing my compositions never came to my mind, besides, I wrote anywhere and everywhere. From the back of my notebooks to loose sheets and word files, whenever inspiration would strike and so my work was scattered. At some point in time, I decided to organize and collect it all. Then, through a lot of “Should I publish them?” , “I should probably not publish them” and “Megha godammit publish them already!!!” , I ended up creating a blog. Wohoo! All it took was the decision to make a blog and WordPress was my first choice. My friends recommended it to me and after all the positive things I had already read about it, I thought I might not find a better option.

    3.My experience with WordPress so far:
    I’m fairly new to WordPress but damn do I feel like I’m part of a community! It has been such a wonderful and happy experience of creating my own blog, getting the chance to discover and read other people’s content and interacting with the many beautiful people out here. WordPress is like a mine for hidden talent and I’m really glad I’m part of the WordPress family :)

    4. Five things I love about WordPress:

  • The friendly and easy-to-use interface. To someone who’s new to blogging, the easy to learn-and-use features have been a blessing and my intimidation with it has long vanished.
  • I really love WordPress’s app! Being able to blog from anywhere and stay connected to the WordPress community is great.
  • Newly discovered, I’m currently really enjoying the daily prompts posted by dailypost.wordpress.com
  • I love being able to handle my site completely by myself and I think I’m starting to get a hang of it.
  • THE WORDPRESS COMMUNITY. It’s a pleasure being connected to you absolutely amazing and talented people.

5. Things I dislike about WordPress:

Nope. Nothing to fill in here since I love WordPress so much!

Okay, now it’s your turn.
So now I nominate:

  1. Ananya – catastrophiclover.wordpress.com
  2. Beyond the Grave – biata.blog
  3. The Crimson Poet – thecrimsonpoetblog.wordpress.com
  4. Seeing The Whisper – seeingthewhisper.wordpress.com
  5. Srijan – srijan2016.wordpress.com
  6. Poems in a Coffer – poemsinacoffer.wordpress.com

– Megha Bhartiya 💜

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