Believe me. I want you to know. Whoever you are dear, from the lands of green to the deep blue sea. Listen to me.You're you and you're special. You're an affectionate soul wrapped in lightnings and thunderstorms. To get to the deepest parts of you, one must go through purgatory, which no one ever does.... Continue Reading →

A Colour So Alive ; Black

My days are so unlit, All I hear is, "You don't fit". I'm losing pace, I'm losing track. Why is everything turning black? They're painting my room again. With so many strokes. Which colour is that? I can't comprehend. Oh wait, is it black again? It's all so dark yet so pale. How can this... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk WordPress Tag

Heyy everyoneee! Howdie Hey WordPress :) I just got nominated for the ” Let’s talk WordPress Tag” by Shruti Ohri-justscribbledthoughts. She not only writes exceptionally well but is a charming human being too. Check her out. Thanks for the tag Shruti! And of course, I can't forget to mention the creator of the tag Meher... Continue Reading →


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