Simple Perfections

We’re forgetting. We’re forgetting the simple perfections we have the chance to see in our daily life. Those mornings when your alarm doesn’t go off because you don’t have to go to school, so you sleep peacefully, wrapped in the warmth of your bed. The unexplainable pleasure of breathing deeply in the scent of new books. The sickly-sweet smell of the cake that you’ve just baked. How you and your friends laugh at silly jokes and scream out the lyrics to your favourite song. How you smile without thinking as the cool breeze flows through your hair, how you feel at peace inside listening to the rustling of leaves.

In our fight to reach the top, to surpass each other, we are constantly failing to look around us and realize what a breathtakingly beautiful world we live in. How we fail to notice the grin that spreads on our faces when we see the cream which was once floating on top, mirroring the snow-white clouds hovering above us, melt in our cup of perfectly brewed coffee. How we fail to realize that when we’re giggling with little babies, we’re happy in the most innocent and vulnerable way. How we fail to appreciate the magnificence of the several paintings we pass by along the several halls we’ve walked through. How we fail to stand still, watch and appreciate the beauty of a sunset.

Incomparable beauty and joy surrounds us everywhere we go, but in the stressful life we have created for ourselves, we fail to notice the glory of nature as it radiates its warmth to us. So, take a break. For even an hour or so, go for a walk. Wander. Better yet, explore. Don’t just see, observe and let the loveliness of nature soak into you. Observe how people around you laugh, how the old couples walk hand in hand, how the mother is cradling her baby, how the father is teaching his son to ride a bicycle. Observe how the street performers create magic in front of your eyes and you’ll realize that happiness is all around you, all you need to do is look a little harder.

Megha Bhartiya ๐Ÿ’œ


Daily Prompt Word – Constant
Daily Prompt Word – Radiant

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