Simple Perfections

We're forgetting. We're forgetting the simple perfections we have the chance to see in our daily life. Those mornings when your alarm doesn't go off because you don't have to go to school, so you sleep peacefully, wrapped in the warmth of your bed. The unexplainable pleasure of breathing deeply in the scent of new... Continue Reading →

A Disastrous Piece of Art

I’m a disastrous piece of art, a mystery that lurks in the dark. I’m made of sparkling rainbow drops that have caressed my blank canvas sheet. Watch me from afar, and you’ll never see me. Come closer if you want to drown in my beauty. There’s chaos in my colours and power in my patterns.... Continue Reading →

An Ocean Full of Stars

She’s an ocean full of stars. A shadow made of scars. How far can she go, Without losing bits of her soul? But she knew the fire in her bones, Was something she couldn’t control. And under the moonlit sky You wouldn’t hear her cry. She was forced to beg for mercy Eyes dried up... Continue Reading →

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